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Well.. just made this journal thingy, not sure what it's for but anyway! So.. had school today but i got to come home really early, which is very good. Tomorrow i'm going out with some friends to the kings road for my friend birthday which should be fun, oh no wait that's on friday. Anyway better get back to my 'revision'. Friends only so comment to be added xxx
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Oh my gosh hey Polly! I'm totally going to add you to my friends list back. :) This is Carly by the way! I am so happy to have you on my LJ. :D

Hey Polly it's Madison :-) Added you as a friend.
hey its lauren!!

add me maybe? :)
adding you :)
Hey Polly. I'm 16 and from London and thought you seemed really nice. Add me? x
Added :)
It's Mia from ES..i just added you..could you add me??
Hey Polly its Heidur from ES. Add me?
added =)